The Southern Vine was created by two sisters who wanted to create something fun and exciting to do together since their twenties hit and things got BUSY. Wanting to spend more time together, we thought about going to yoga, pottery classes and so much more but found it wasn't "it" for us. Driven by our business backgrounds, we decided to start something that was even bigger than we had originally imagined. With friends and family getting married and having babies left and right, we started to realize it was really tough to find the "perfect gift" for someone so special.  Then, it clicked, what if we offer these perfect gifts for these special occasions?!


 Soon after, we brainstormed with close friends and family about what we should name our little boutique, and then The Southern Vine blossomed (or TSV as we like to call it). 

We decided on The Southern Vine because it brought together our entire vision for our brand. The vine that connects the people closest to you with events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. & the southern feel we wanted our brand to represent as it is so comforting and chic.


 After connecting with some amazing people and their brands, we were able to launch in January 2018 offering bridal items (& two bridal boxes!) as well as spa products, women's apparel, personalized drink ware, and a few other great products. 

While we have so many more gift boxes and products in mind for the future, we are so grateful for all of you who have supported us! So much more to come and we hope you stick around for the ride ;)